Ushi Token

Community Art Creation

For those who would like to own tokens but are unable to participate actively in the art creation, they have the option to designate another Ethereum address as an artist proxy. The artist proxy has access to set colors of blocks owned by the NFT owner across all boards. However, all ownership rights including the ability to transfer, re-auction the NFT, and revoke/change the proxy are completely retained by the token owner.
After conclusion of all auctions, private Discord and Telegram links will be provided that can only be joined by NFT owners, with access gated by NFT ownership using an interface such as Mintgate. These forums can be used to coordinate art creation between NFT owners.
Ushi is an uncensored medium for community expression and as NFT owners, you have exclusive right to any form of expression. However, we all hold moral obligations as members of society and thus, the following art subjects will not be tolerated and will be removed by delegates of the DAO:
Hate speech based on identity or vulnerability Incitement of violence or suicide Sexual or suggestive content of minors Soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited transactions Personal or confidential information without subject’s consent NFT owners agree to abide by these rules and violations will result in removal of that content from the dCanvas Transience board and commissioned NFT pieces. Atelier Digital Labs and associated partners do not assume any liability for content created by this anonymous, decentralized application (Section 230, Communications Decency Act).
Last modified 1yr ago